Harpo, Who dis’ woman?

Hey there!

I’m a God-fearing woman that drinks coffee, runs on chaos and cuss a little. I’m not perfect; nor do I pretend to be but I am a work in progress. I’m an Alpha Kappa Alpha woman, a mother to four children (and a lab mix) and a wife to my Omega man. I enjoy sharing my thoughts on a wide variety of topics with my passion being people development and individual empowerment. Everyone has a passion. We were put on this earth for a purpose and my goal is to help people tap into their magic.20160220_114017-1-e1502389660598.jpg

I once thought that being content was “good enough”; that if I had a good-paying job, well-rounded kids, and a loving husband that I would be happy. Now don’t get me wrong, having the aforementioned is nothing less than a blessing,  but I realized that if I am not happy with who I am and what I am doing then everything else fails in comparison. I must first love me before I can love anyone else, be with anyone else, be strong for anyone else.

I had a boss sit me down and tell me that I was not being my most authentic self. Single-handedly, that was one of the most impactful conversations that I’ve ever had.  I wanted to quit my job that very day. I wanted to walk out in the middle of Connecticut Avenue and throw my hat in the air like Mary Tyler Moore. That day sent my life into a full tailspin and I am thoroughly enjoying every bit of the ride.

So.. here is my full disclosure. I’m going to share with you my journey which has a strong, undeniable dependency on my faith in God. I wouldn’t be where I am today without this faith, without incorporation into everything that I do and every breath that I breathe. My faith has taught me humility, empathy, and compassion; leaving it out of my stories, my guidance, my failures, my experiences, is just not an option. I’m unapologetic.

Through this channel, I will share with you all that learn without hesitation. I truly believe that what I learn and experience is not meant for me to hold on to. I have a duty to share and I will – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Come on this journey with me. Stand tall, shoulders back, chin up. WE got next!

With love,

Shannel ♥

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